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Knowing how to get the most out of your tiles when playing Loop Hero is crucial to getting successful runs. Here are a number of community-sourced tips that will help you master the game. Please consider adding to this growing list of tips as you come across them!

Cards and Tiles

• See the Tile Synergies page for a summary of all currently known synergies in Loop Hero.
• Completely surrounding a Treasury with tiles will create an Empty Treasury, which generates a final large batch of resources. The resources scale based on the number of completed loops, so you can take advantage of this by leaving one open tile and filling it at the end of your run.
• Make sure to place Battle Fields at the beginning of the loop since the dropped items scale based on how many loops have been completed. This allows you to utilize the level-appropriate gear for the whole loop. Keep in mind however that placing two Battle fields with overlapping spawn zones will create a Blood Path.
• Always place Meadows next to a tile of another type to create a Blooming Meadow. This increases the healing it provides from 2 HP per day to 3 HP.
• Placing Rocks and/or Mountains in a 3x3 grid creates a Mountain Peak, which provides even more max HP but at the cost of spawning a Harpy every 2 days.
• Placing a Blood Grove next to another Blood Grove instead of a Grove or Forest tile will turn it into a Hungry Grove. This can also be achieved by placing a Blood Grove regularly, and then destroying the adjacent Grove or Forest with Oblivion. The Hungry Grove will devour enemies at 20% instead of 15%, but will also now periodically damage the hero. This devour effect also applies to the boss.


• The Lich boss summons Lich’s Palaces around the Campfire tile, which each provides the boss a 5% increase in HP and damage. Thes can be destroyed with Oblivion cards, or prevented from spawning altogether if all tiles around the camp are already filled with something else.
• You can take advantage of the Swamp's healing reversal effect by placing a Vampire Mansion next to it, as the Vampire's healing effect will now instead damage all enemies.


You can edit the game_speed variable in the variables.ini file where you have the game installed to make the game run faster. See this tutorial for further details.


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